"I'll make you throw up all your make-up!" (jetsetlag) wrote in jaeutiful,
"I'll make you throw up all your make-up!"

[MOD] "+250 members!?! @$%#!" Thank you~

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So today I was finally getting my lazy self to change this comm's profile to something more fitting and glanced at the members list....


tbh I've never managed a community with so many members, so my heart rate hiked a little when I saw the number lol. Thank you guys so much for joining and staying. I know I'm a sporatic updater and sometimes go on sprees of things you probably didn't join the community for so I really want to thank you guys for bearing with my randomness. Hopefully, it's not too random...I don't want to feel like I've lured people in with false promises, lol.

I know that recently I've not been posting gifs all that much but I plan on getting back to that soon. I already have some folders with caps on my hard drive now and with the season finale of several shows approaching (1 hour finale for Community~) I'll definitely be covering those. Maybe there'll be an animated Community moodtheme coming up, I'm thinking about it. There'll still be mixes posted here and the random movie gifs as well. Maybe I should make an affiliates post? idk. I'm still getting the hang of managing a community (the tags will be cleaned up soon) so thank you again for joining. For a community that started off being a random potpourri, and still is, I'm so glad this ragtag community has you guys. ♥
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