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[music] Mateo: "Love & Stadiums" (2011)

Mateo's...acoustic R&B...experimental R&B...indie R&B? Idk. He's a little different from the mainstream stuff that's out there and since I found him last year through last fm I've adore his covers (Empire State of Mind, Bad Romance, Forever) and his original pieces (Ohh No Love, Get To Know Me, Doubt). For an artist who is constantly experimenting some of his songs are sometimes hit or miss but when he hits it he seriously blows it out of the park. His forte so far seems to be a stripped down laid back sound imo though hip hop fans may also like his more upbeat tracks as well. But anyways, it's kind of futile to try and describe how awesome his music is when listening to it would be much more convincing so here are some samples. 


You know you wanna.

His official website used to have all his mixtapes, but I guess they've been removed. If anyone wants them I'd be happy to upload them.
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